A Dark and Comic read: Bluebeard’s Seventh Door

By Alan Hustak September, 2012 Published in

The Métropolitian

Sex, guilt, music, Serbian-Croatian politics and the atrocities committed by the fascist  Croatian Ustasha revolutionary movement during the Second World War figure prominently in Bluebeard’s Seventh Door, Andre Vecsei ‘s didactic novel which his wife has published posthumously. The title comes from one of the author’s favourite operas by Bartok  in which pentatonic chords reminded him of “The antagonism between men and women.” Continue reading

BLUEBEARD’S SEVENTH DOOR: A novel by Andre Vecsei

by Mark A. Krupa July, 2012, published on Montreal Serai

As I run along my routine jogging trail from middle-class NDG in Montreal, up the hill into the Westmount maze of mansions, I often catch myself staring at the wealthy estates, some I should call castles… Spacious gardens colored with exotic flowers, vine-covered walls… The gargoyles from various rooftops offer me stoic, petrified greetings as I pass… And then there are the doors – massive, ornate, some secured with gold or bronze hinges – great portals that insulate all within from the outside world… Yet I can’t help but wonder who lives inside? What exactly would one find behind these doors? Continue reading

Bluebeard’s Seventh Door: A Review

By Lorrie Beauchamp, August, 2012

What would you do if you were a retired, unattached male surrounded by beautiful women who, each in their own way, adored and needed you? Welcome to the world of Bluebeard’s Seventh Door — the witty fictional adventures of a middle-aged twice-divorced musicologist who, while dealing with the unwanted attentions of a wealthy “Femme Fatale”, falls under the spell of her housemaid Karin, an illegal immigrant with tales of woe from World War II. Continue reading